Monthly Archives: February 2014

Being Generous = Being Generative

Is it my populist nature that causes me to start here, always?

Being Generous = Being Generative seems so fundamentally true when you consider…

…That a marketplace would never be more generous with a company than the company is with the marketplace.  And there is so much success to be found when you are generously offering your customers great value and they are fully compensating you for it.

…That employees will never be more generous with their employer than the employer is with them.  And don’t you want the folks working for you to be eager to invest their best in your venture, and don’t you want them to reap the rewards they have earned?

I talk to my students about another practical application of generous behavior–when a friend or associate first shares a new creative idea, one so fragile that it can be easily squashed with critical judgement, but might very well benefit from your generous gift of your undivided attention.

I have been riffing on this slice of Creative Populism for years now.  Just recently my appreciation for this basic equation was recharged when I took a moment to appreciate the similarity in the two words, generous and generative, and discovered they both come from the same Latin root ‘generare’, to produce, to beget.

As I said, fundamentally true.  And populists dig the fundamentals.

What sayest thou?