Intentional use of language

Is it because even before I was writing books I considered myself a writer that I have always been careful choosing my words describing a creative or entrepreneurial idea or concept?  But isn’t it clear that just as our thoughts shape our words, our words shape our subsequent thinking?

Since the 80’s I have promoted the idea that if your goal is to Dominate The Market, you should act to Own The Market.  When you Dominate, you demand, and that doesn’t lead to a very healthy relationship with anything.  When you Own something, you care for it, you nurture it, you invest in it knowing the fruits of that investment return to you, the owner.

I spent the weekend with my pride and joy, my 17 month old granddaughter, and I was delighted to be worn out keeping up with her exploration of our chicken coop and bunny hutch and back yards woods. I came so see this child doesn’t ‘pay attention’ to the world around her, she ‘invests her attention’, and her return is an astounding rate of learning new things.

Seing it as such helps me consider how I might better invest my attention, and become more mindful about the return.


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