The Generative Way

The Generative Way first appeared in a visual representation of itself.  I have been having fun trying to write the handbook that supports the visual.  It begins with Intentionality.   Here’s an early excerpt:

“Your TGW MindSet begins to grow as soon as you are increasingly clear with yourself—and to yourself—that your nature is to be and become as Creatively Entrepreneurial as you can be.

It’s that simple.

All you have to do to begin to grow your TGW MindSet is to declare that from this point forward your intentional attitude will be to view the world as a creatively entrepreneurial person views the world, and that you intend to grow your creatively entrepreneurial qualities.

As soon as you mean it, the moment your commitment is authentic, heartfelt, The Generative Way rewards you with immediate progress and an optimistic promise about the rapid and sustained growth you’ll enjoy.

Of course this immediate progress is incremental at the first, as natural growth must be, but it’s quite meaningful.

It is meaningful because the moment you declare your intention to look at the world as a creatively entrepreneurial person looks at the world, you do: you begin to see the world differently than you did just moments before.

And keep in mind that seeing an opportunity just incrementally differently than others do might be all it takes to have a new insight, a new angle, a new view of the difference that you can develop into a strategic advantage to generate value or utility.”


One thought on “The Generative Way

  1. success4acb says:

    Carl, define creative entrepreneurialism.

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