Creative Entrepreneurship

I have had a reader recently write and ask me to define Creative Entrepreneurship.

In my first class at Duke each semester I tell students I try very hard not to define words or concepts for them.  My experience is that when they are given a definition they often stop thinking for themselves, believing that now they know.  Since Creative Populists understand, as Goethe said, that “Thinking is better than Knowing”  I instead try to surround an idea or term with multiple perspectives so that students can create their own understandings that serve them.

So, rather than define Creative Entrepreneurship, here’s a couple of perspectives.

I was first determined to link those two words because our culture tends to define being Creative as being Artistic, and if we don’t consider ourselves to be Artistic, we say we aren’t Creative.

And the same goes for being Entrepreneurial. If we haven’t started a company then we aren’t Entrepreneurial.

This results in us declaring that very few of us are creative or entrepreneurial at the time when we all need to be developing those qualities and so by linking those two words I hope to give folks a chance to re-boot the story they tell themselves and others about who they are.

Another view: Being Creatively Entrepreneurial is being Generative; it’s learning to see problems as opportunities to make things better by making better things.

What do you think it means for you to be and become Creatively Entrepreneurial?



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