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Color Theory: Green with Optimism

In the classes I teach at Duke my students form three person teams and identify a recent neuroscience or behavioral science research study into any aspect of being creative or being entrepreneurial.  After the team studies the research they do their own research on the topic, to validate it, to extend it, and to experience the findings. Then they identify the practical applications of this new understanding.  Finally they make a 10 minute classroom presentation of their work.

How lucky am I?  Every semester I get to sit in on a dozen or more of these research presentations. I get to marvel at all the new insights we are collecting that are helping us improve our creatively entrepreneurial performances.

One day a team presented research out of the University of Munich that demonstrates conclusively that looking at the color green before performing a series of tasks that are designed to measure creativity results in a significant improvement in test scores.

Feeling creative?  Photo credit: Flickr

Feeling creative? Photo credit: Flickr

I went out that day and bought a green folder and put it in on my writing table.  I pick it up and look at it for 30 seconds two or three times a day. And at the first class of every new semester I pass out a green folder to each student.

What other research on color theory have you heard that may have implications on human creative or entrepreneurial ability? There must be a whole world of study out there on the subject, let’s talk about it – follow me @carlnordgren and @creativepopulis on Twitter!