Answering Engineers Questions, pt 1

I had a great time a couple of weeks ago in Dr. Bob Barnes’ classroom of Masters engineering students, at Pratt School of Engineering, at Duke. It’s a Project Management class; Bob is a great teacher and coach, and I was eager to say yes when he invited me to spend an hour and a half with his students discussing The Generative Way.

When I got to the classroom I found that the students had been urged to visit my work ahead of time and prepare questions for me. I had a chance to review them, and skewed my talk to address some of their common interests–The Generative Way is very flexible, easily adapted.

And then I promised I would take their questions with me and answer more of those most frequently asked.

Why do you think servant leadership is an effective leadership style?

1. Because the most effective authority that a leader can have is the authority others grant the leader. And when the leader demonstrates that authority granted is used to serve, authority is granted again and again.

2. The best people are eager to work for someone who is eager to help them do their best work.

3. When a concept is both altruistic in nature–being a servant first when being a leader make me feel very good about how I am showing up in the world–and highly effective–people will accomplish their best when they are not just appreciated, but appreciating–then I want to be very good at practicing it.

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