Monthly Archives: June 2015

Playing with Matrix

Think for a moment about all the ways the word matrix is used.

Mathematicians call a matrix a rectangular grouping of numbers or numerical expressions for the purpose of a specific computation.

Biologists consider matrix to be the cellular material in which other specialized structures are embedded.

Geologists and chemists also use the word, to signify very different concepts.

Businesses call a matrix the visual organization they bring to strategy options or dynamic information to facilitate decision making. And many businesses have been trying to apply matrix management for years—the broad business strategy that challenges traditional management structures while promising flexible and responsive organizations.

And I wouldn’t be surprised that you use the word matrix in some other fashion.

I recently learned that as this Latin word traveled from Old French into Old English, the original Latin meaning of a pregnant animal became mother’s womb and by the mid 1500’s matrix meant a place or medium where something is developed.

I was immediately captivated by that fertile understanding of the word when I realized that The Generative Way is a matrix, a systematic grouping of core creative concepts organized to help you develop your creatively entrepreneurial qualities.

I’d been calling it a system, and it is systematic, but I appreciate this inherently productive energy captured by these deep meanings of matrix.

Hmmm, I wonder…when you use the word matrix, how do you benefit when you look to add the more generative aspects of the word to your application of it?