Sustainable Abundance?

Recently I heard a friend complain about how conversations about sustainability too quickly seem to be conversations about living with less, and I found myself wondering about sustainable abundance as, well, as a way to inform that conversation. I have begun to use it to shape my thoughts and my behavior, and my view of the possible, even though I am just beginning to understand what I might mean when I use it.

But my goodness, what if? What if sustainable abundance was possible?

Have you found that generosity is generative, most of the time? As an entrepreneur I find being generous with the marketplace or with employees results in them being generous with my company.

Have you found that appreciating leads to an appreciation? That is, when I try to appreciate the new idea you share with me and then speak about it appreciatively, often enough the value of the new idea appreciates.

Have you found that practicing servant leadership–caring for folks, helping them do the best work they can do–often results in teams generating outcomes that are more than the sum of the parts?

Have you found that aspirational stories—stories rooted in a truth today that show the way to a better future—will help create that future?

What do you think about sustainable abundance? Have you experienced it in your work, in your personal life? I would love to hear your thoughts and stories if you had the time to share them.

I am soon to publish a new book ‘Become a Creative Genius (again)’ and am warming myself up to the idea that its companion might be a book on how we achieve sustainable abundance, in our personal lives, in our companies, in our communities.


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