Becoming A Creative Genius (Again)

Do you want to reclaim your creative genius?

98% of us were born creative geniuses but by the time we are 20 only 5% of us can still perform at that level. The landmark research that discovered this concludes we are taught to not be creative.

I can help you reclaim your natural born birthright, in this highly active, fully engaging and proven effective 30 day course “Becoming a Creative Genius (again)”.


Why do you want to reclaim your creative genius?

…So you can see problems as opportunities to make things better by making better things.

…So you can look at what others have looked at and see what no one else has seen.

…So you can experience the delight that being creative in the inches and minutes of your daily life will bring you.

…So you can be a better designer or marketer or engineer or entrepreneur or leader or teacher or student or parent or spouse.

I am a serial entrepreneur; I’ve work in 4 of the creative industries; my first novel was a best seller; and since 2002 I have helped over 3,000 Duke students grow their creative capacities and develop their entrepreneurial instincts, so they become the most creatively entrepreneurial versions of themselves they can be.

The creative concepts and entrepreneurial strategies proven most effective—in my creative work, in my start-ups where I led talent development, and in the classroom—have been organized as The Generative Way, an easy to use system that helps you think, observe, and act like a successful creative professional or entrepreneur immediately while it helps cultivate your creatively entrepreneurial qualities continually.

MARK BOWLES | Founder of ecoATM

“Carl Nordgren’s approach to this subject matter is not typical in that his intent is not to simply leave you with a better academic understanding of how an individual or organization can be more creative and innovative – his approach is to actually leave every individual in his audience with a new, real, reclaimed, and intimate personal bond with the creative genius that we were all born with and can get in touch with again. Carl’s process will actually help rewire your brain to physically reconnect synapses and axons of creativity in the brain that have always been there but have slowly become atrophied and disconnected as we all grow older. Everyone will benefit from his work and from discovering and reconnecting with this lost, most precious resource we all possess.”

Program Info:

The Generative Way forms the basis for 5 weekly workshops, each ninety minutes long.

And I have designed the 30 Day Creative Action Program, a fun and simple to follow daily practice that itself is proven to have tremendous impact on the restoration and development of core creative qualities.

“Becoming a Creative Genius (again)” weaves together The Generative Way system and the 30 Day Creative Action Program to accelerate the growth of your creatively entrepreneurial qualities.

The cost for all 5 sessions is $375.  Attendance at each session is very limited, so be sure to reserve your spot early. I will be offering ‘Become a Creative Genius (Again)’ at two locations.

Course Details:
Session 1
5 weekly workshops, 7 to 8:30, every Tuesday night from September 22nd to October 20th.
We will be using the meeting space of Perch Studios, located at 106 South Greensboro, Suite E (back of the building), Carrboro, 27510 – 909-260-5313

Session 2
5 weekly workshops, 7 to 8:30, every Wednesday night from September 23rd to October 21st.
We will be using the meeting space of First Flight Venture Center, located at 2 Davis Drive, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709 – 919-990-8558

On the registration form I ask you two questions.  I look forward to reading your responses and will do what I can to tailor this content—it is very flexible—to the interests I find there.

I hope you join us.

Carl Nordgren



3 thoughts on “Becoming A Creative Genius (Again)

  1. […] Want 2 reconnect w/ yr creative genius? This wisp from @Creativepopulis will help restore yr core creative qualities… […]

  2. I’m interested in this class. Can you please let me know about how much weekly homework is expected? Thank you.

    • carlnordgren says:

      Good morning Mary Elizabeth. Thanks for your interest. Along with the weekly workshops I will be guiding you through a daily exercise. Most days the exercise won’t take any additional time. Some days perhaps as much as 15 minutes. But the course is designed appreciating how very busy folks are, and I am confident you have no reason for concern about it being a time demand. I look forward to seeing you.

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