I hope these help.

Books to cultivate a creative perspective and an entrepreneurial approach:

  • I consider Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind an awakening, a call to a full appreciation of why we must become the most creatively entrepreneurial nation we can become. He’s a great thinker, and wonderful writer, but then you probable knew that already.
  • Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants is powerful. And challenging. It fundamentally changes the way my students consider technology—they have new perspectives on the rich emergent complexity of it all.  After the first 100 pages I felt so much smarter I decided to start over again at page 1, I wanted to better understand what I missed the first time.
  • I’ve just started using David Brooks’ The Social Animal in some of my classes.  If Jobs is right, if creativity is just connecting the dots so make sure you have lots of dots, then this book is filled with dots that resonant with creative vibe. He surveys and often illuminates current research about why we relate the way we do, or don’t—empathy rocks, creatively speaking.