“Carl Nordgren’s course “Becoming a Creative Genius….Again” was truly a life and career altering experience. Have you ever felt like you were missing something you once had? Did you used to be freer in feeling and creating? Well I feel the same way! Carl’s course helped me reconnect with a side of myself I though lost. By teaching how and why our innate ability to be creative was lost he shows us how to reinvigorate these qualities. Using examples, activities and demonstrating the use of various personality tools he leads us back to a place of being more creative in all aspects of home life and business life whether in a large corporation or a small start-up. I highly recommend the course to anybody wishing to reconnect with their creative side. This will open you to new possibilities.”


“I thought this course was interesting, helpful and informative. I learned new, useful concepts that I will be able to use in many situations. Carl is very encouraging and is a great resource for evaluating one’s ideas. I highly recommend his course. ”


“From the exercises that help expand your creative horizons to the tools (like the secret of green) that bring creativity into your work and home life, this program is a practical way to reconnect with your innate sense of looking at the world through a different lens.”

DERRICK BEASLEY | Community Organizer

“Becoming a Creative Genius (Again) helped me to assess and reinvigorate my own creative processes. I gained invaluable tools and methods for activating and strengthening my Creative Genius! After each class I found myself spreading the knowledge with friends and colleagues. I highly recommend this class.”


“Carl Nordgren’s class hits the bullseye in two key ways. First, my company needed creative problem solving to get past some new hurdles we had not seen before. His class helped us to attack these with multiple fresh perspectives and a renewed enthusiasm. Second, the class has the key ingredients of keeping you entertained, involved on a near daily basis, and providing real world data that puts tested science into the “art” of creativity. There is safety and comfort in routine…Carl will help you break out of this and have fun in the process.”

MARK BOWLES | Founder of ecoATM

“Carl Nordgren’s approach to this subject matter is not typical in that his intent is not to simply leave you with a better academic understanding of how an individual or organization can be more creative and innovative – his approach is to actually leave every individual in his audience with a new, real, reclaimed, and intimate personal bond with the creative genius that we were all born with and can get in touch with again. Carl’s process will actually help rewire your brain to physically reconnect synapses and axons of creativity in the brain that have always been there but have slowly become atrophied and disconnected as we all grow older. Everyone will benefit from his work and from discovering and reconnecting with this lost, most precious resource we all possess.”

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