The Generative Way

The Generative Way matrix is a dynamic and flexible framework designed to guide you towards more successful creative and entrepreneurial accomplishments.

It offers a MindSet that helps you develop the perspectives of a successful creatively entrepreneurial person.

It helps you see problems as opportunities, and it helps you look at what others look at and see what no one has seen.

The Generative Way MindSet is informed by a Ready Fire Aim bias for action, promoting quick learning, acknowledging that discovering what you should creative is better than predicting what you should create.

The Generative Way matrix also provides a ToolBox of strategic entrepreneurial concepts that help you discover what you should create and find the best ways to create it.

The Generative Way matrix emerges from my 35 years of experience starting companies, leading creative initiatives, managing large innovative projects; my 12 years in the classroom helping others grow their creative capacities and develop their entrepreneurial instincts; and my study of the research into how experienced entrepreneurs take on creative opportunities.