Carl Nordgren photoMostly folks seem to enjoy what the label Creative Populism connotes, that each of us and all of us should grow our creative capacities and develop our entrepreneurial instincts.

Occasionally folks have asked me to explain why I choose the word populism.

Creative Populism means to plug into Abraham Lincoln’s poetic power, ‘Of the people, by the people, and for the people. ‘

And Creative Populism means to plug into the scientific understanding that bottoms-up self-organization is the fundamental generative force leading to the most effective and the most efficient growth—it is resilient, adaptive, and the most sustaining growth.

I dig the certainty of the science and the aspirational language of the statesman and will continue to share what I have learned about being and becoming creatively entrepreneurial during my 35 years as an entrepreneur and creative professional, and my 12 years as a teacher, and student.